Our Beer - Jogger Lager

BlackToe Running & Northern Maverick Collaborate On A Beer For Runners!

So we thought we would try something a little bit new and a little bit fun.  About two years ago we were lucky enough to get a new neighbour.  The large retail space in the new building beside us was finally occupied by none other than Northern Maverick Brewing!

When they first opened, we were just happy to have a brewery next door.  You always want to be friends with your neighbour but it is still cool when it actually happens.

BlackToe Running  Maya Anderson Mike Anderson

After having chats about beer, running, life and many other important things, we finally landed on the idea of doing a collaboration beer.  Of course, we all agreed immediately that it would be fun!  The only problem with any great idea is that it takes work to bring it to life.  Lucky for us, this was work that we all enjoyed and embraced.   Maya and I hadn't really considered before how fun it would be to name a beer!  After many brainstorming sessions with Jason Kaptyn (Owner of Northern Maverick) and over morning coffee in our condo, we finally had a spark of an idea and a name that we couldn't ignore!  "What do you think of Jogger Lager?".   No matter how we spun it around and no matter how many other names we floated, this one always made us laugh.   It was actually quite reminiscent of when we came up with the name for BlackToe Running.   It just felt right.  

Northern Maverick Brewing and BlackToe Running Jogger Lager

We shared our suggestion for the name of our beer with Jason and even over email we could tell he loved it.   The next step was the label and Jason had a vision for it that we couldn't resist!   A "jacked" bear in a singlet with casual shades and a headband!  When we saw the result there was open laughter in our home.  We had to keep it in our home because this was a top secret project - we wanted to surprise our friends and customers.  

Maybe the timing of all this was lucky, but we happened to have already planned a number of promotions at the store with Saucony to build excitement for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.   One of them included a Beer Mug as a gift with purchase so now we could really go that extra mile and add our own beer.   How awesome is that!!

So for #STWM 2018 we were pleased to offer both a Saucony Beer mug and a can of Jogger Lager to anyone who spent $50 or more on Saucony products.  If you take a look in our store beer fridge now, you will still see some there for thirsty runners!

If you have any questions or need more details on how to get your can of Jogger Lager, let us know!

Mike Anderson

Co-Owner, BlackToe Running