Roll Recovery R8 Inserts

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The R8 Inserts were designed to make the R8 more versatile. With the new SuperPlush and SuperDeep Inserts, you can customize the feel of your R8 exactly how you want it. Feedback from athletes was vital in the development of each insert. Explore unique ways to customize your R8 with different combinations of Inserts. One Insert is for one side. Add two Inserts to make it a pair.

Want a slightly softer massage experience? The SuperPlush’s unique shape and specifically formulated plush material was developed to provide a gentler feel while still providing a flushing effect and deep massage. You can use two SuperPlush Inserts on both sides or try one, while the other side is the Standard Insert or SuperDeep Insert for a unique feel. Available in Glacier White color.

  • Unique, gentle shape for a flushing effect.
  • Specially formulated material for a soft feel.
  • Surface pattern to provide the right friction.

For those who desire the most aggressive, deep feel for myofascial release and breaking up muscle adhesions, the SuperDeep Insert is the answer. Target specific areas with the elbow like design to apply the deep force needed. For maximum intensity, use two SuperDeep Inserts on both sides of the R8. Or for a unique feel, try one SuperDeep Insert along with the Standard or SuperPlush Insert on the other side. Available in Boulder Black color.

  • Most intense Insert.
  • Aggressive shape to target specific spots.
  • Higher friction material.

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