Skins Women's A200 Long Tight

Size Guide

The brand Skins stands for body-moulded gradient compression equipment. Skins is different than other compression brands because it uses the independently tested and registered BioAcceleration Technology. By compressing the skin more on certain body parts to where more blood flow is needed, the resulting flow of oxygen prolongs your endurance and enhances your general performance. You will also feel the benefits after your workout, because your muscles take less time to recover and will ache less long. Skins compression wear is ideal for swimmers during land-based training and for triathletes.

Special benefits of the Skins full-length tights for women are:

  • Reducing lactic acid build-up
  • Sun protection (50+ UV) in all non-mesh areas
  • Anti-bacterial: preventing odour
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Moisture management: your skin remains dryer

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