BlackToe Run Club

BlackToe Run Club


This club is designed for athletes of all abilities. Yes...that means you! The BlackToe Run Club meets at the store every Monday night at 6:30pm rain or shine. Your coaches will be there every step of the way from helping you figure out your pace group to race day preparations. Every Monday includes a group workout that consists of a warm up and cool down, form and technique drills and an interval style run. You will have access to your coaches via email as well as guest speakers who will help you understand bio mechanics, nutrition and more. Your coaches will email weekly with advice, the workout plan for Monday and suggested workouts for the rest of the week. Communication between all members and coaches occurs via a private Facebook group. There is always someone willing to run with you at 6am if you want some company!  As part of the club, you will receive discountson BlackToe Running apparel and are required to give high fives at every workout. Post workout dinner and beers are not uncommon either. We often attend races together to support one another by cheering and pacing teammates. 

The BlackToe Run Club membership fee is $25 dollars a month and registration(LINK) is required. Waiver to be signed including a monthly pre-authorized payment form at your first session.

This membership requires one month advance notice for cancellation.

 Newbie Runner: Help me!!

  • Hoping to change your status from "beginner" to "seasoned runner", this program is for you! Our coaches know whats up.  
  • Your awesome teammates will encourage you every step of the way
  • You will receive a plan for your goal races (no race experience required, we will get you to your first 5k). 
  • Be apart of awesome community building events (LINK TO PAST EVENTS PAGE?)
  • Stay accountable for your health and fitness
  • Train with friendships are the best friendships

I am experienced.. pass the body glide so I can break that next PB

  • Can you handle some distance and want to get faster?
  • Looking to improve speed and overall fitness? 
  • Need that extra push to get you to your next personal best? 
  • Structured plans for all distances 
  • Train for your first half or full marathon in a group setting
  • Help teammates reach their goals by pacing them at races 
  • Reach your goals by teammates pacing you at races
  • Meet other runners at community building events (LINK TO PAST EVENTS PAGE?) 

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