Virtual Shopping Assistance

 Find the Perfect Running Shoe Online

The world is changing and we are committed to finding effective ways to adapt along with it. That’s why our experienced team members at BlackToe Running are now offering 100% online running shoe consultations! We pride ourselves on using our knowledge of shoe tech, running science and personal experience to help our customers find the perfect running shoe for their needs. You’ll have all of that expertise, along with our huge inventory of top-quality running shoes, at your disposal as we walk you through your virtual running shoe consultation.


It’s true - we can help you find the perfect shoes for your unique running goals 100% online! Whether you are new to running, are looking to get faster, add distance to your training regime or you’re experiencing discomfort with your current shoes and want to try something new, we are here to help. We have dozens of shoes to suit every need and budget from the most popular shoe suppliers in the industry. Here’s what you can expect at your virtual running shoe consultation:

We Want to Learn About You. We’ll ask important questions about your history with running, previous injuries, past shoes that you’ve worn and what your future goals are. Whether you want to start walking more and need a majorly comfy pair of shoes, are looking for a stylish and reliable all-purpose trainer or are planning to crush a new racing goal in the future, we have a shoe for you!

Visual Assessment. You’ll need enough space so that we can look at your knees, ankles and watch you walk towards the screen. Our team is trained to look for visual cues that give us vital information about your alignment, arch-height, shoe size and stability needs. Having an old pair of shoes handy can also be helpful so that we can check out the wear-pattern along the treads and confirm your shoe size.

Time to Build Your Collection. Your shoe expert will create a personalized selection of running shoes that they believe will work for you. You’ll be able to view the collection together while the sales associate walks you through the specs of each shoe and why they chose it for you. Our staff tests every shoe that comes into the store, so you can trust that they have first-hand experience with the product as they describe the fit and feel of the shoes.

Select Your Favourites. Don’t be shy - ask questions, share concerns, tell us what you love and what you’re not keen about! We are a no-commission store, so we have zero bias towards any particular brand. Our only goal is to find the perfect pair of shoes for each individual. We can also suggest corresponding products at this time, such as comfortable socks, sports nutrition, seasonal gear and running bras.

Shopping for the Perfect Running Shoe Online Has Never Been so Easy!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy a pair of shoes on the spot - you can think about the shoes in your curated collection and come back to your cart when you’re ready. Still have questions? Your running shoe expert will be available to chat and make updated suggestions long after your appointment. We also offer free shipping on every order within Canada and provide easy returns if something doesn’t feel right once your shoes arrive. Shopping for the perfect running shoe online has never been so easy!

Ready to hit the road running? Schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained BlackToe Running team members to experience a personalized virtual running shoe consultation!