Coaching Program 2016

BlackToe Running || Coaching Program 2016

What are your Goals?

Whether you're looking to get ready for the spring racing season, push your limits or just get fitter than your neighbor, join the BlackToe Running Team and you are on your way.

We have a passion for running and love helping runners achieve and surpass their goals. Our training plans are tailored to your personal objectives.

With our program, there may be times that you curse us! Hopefully most of the swearing stays in your head but that's up to you. Those tough moments will pass and will make your accomplishments even sweeter. This will also give you something to commiserate about with your BlackToe Running teammates over post-workout beers (or coffee!).

Programs and Price Lists
We offer programs for people of all ages, skill levels and attitudes. Our coaches assist the newly initiated as well as seasoned runners to up their game and push their limits.

Put your PBs on notice… they're about to get destroyed!