CEP Achilles Brace

QUALITY CHARACTERISTICS: Integrated silicone inlay | Separate heel wedges provide additional tendon relief | Comfortable to wear
thanks to anatomical fit | Soft instep area and soft edges | Highly elastic, breathable and moisture permeable knitted fabric.

FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Massages and protects the tendon with anatomically shaped butterfly silicone inlay and 20-30 mmHg medi compression.

Support for the treatment of injury and discomfort in the Achilles tendon.
Improved blood circulation.
Preventative function.
Muscle and joint stabilzation.
Improved coordination.

Unisex Sizing (Circumference above ankle bone):

Size 1 - 17-20cm
Size 2 - 20-22cm
Size 3 - 22-24cm
Size 4 - 24-26cm
Size 5 - 26-28cm
Size 6 - 28-30cm

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