Ciele GOCap SC - Distance Nirvana White

That special place past the pain and into the light. Distance nirvana is understanding that the highs and the lows add up to another state of being. Perfect quietude. Freedom. The highest happiness. This OTO edition is a tipping of the cap to those willing to go the distance.
  • Lightweight, fast drying performance ready COOLwick™ fabric.
  • UPF +40 protection on the brim, front panel and back panel.
  • Machine Washable
  • Pliable brim for easy packability.
  • Reflective detailing on the front and back for night run visibility.
  • Ciele Athletics™ Million Miles Guarantee.
  • 5 panel fit. 58 cm. Adjustable. One size fits most. 
  • Weight 61 Grams
  • Designed for men and women who run.

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