ASICS Superblast Shoe Review

Just in time for your New Year's resolutions, ASICS is launching their newest addition to the BLAST lineup: the SUPERBLAST. The Superblast is slotted in the lineup as a versatile, high-cushion daily trainer that's ideal for tempo and long runs.

It's easy enough to find the specs of a shoe online, but what most runners want to know about a shoe is how it fits, feels, and performs - and that's exactly what our tester (hi, it's me, Sarah!) is sharing in this ASICS Superblast shoe review. Let's blast off!

The Best ASICS Tech Combined Into One Shoe

ASICS Superblast Running Shoe

According to ASICS, the new Superblast combines the best elements from the NOVABLAST (lux cushioning) and the METASPEED (speedy and spicy) with its unique blend of FF BLAST TURBO and FF BLAST PLUS foam. It also borrows from the METASPEED EDGE and SKY with its lightweight, barely-there jacquard mesh upper.

While this all sounds excellent on paper, does the new ASICS Superblast running shoe live up to the hype?

After 200 km of testing, my verdict is: yes, it absolutely does!

Effortless Fit & Feel

I prefer a generous toe box for my foot strike pattern (grippy, full-contact toes) and have had issues with the narrower fit that was common in many ASICS shoes up until a few years ago, but the Superblast was a virtually perfect fit right out of the box. It moulded to my foot like a memory-foam mattress and there was no slipping, cramping, or uncomfortable rubbing.

The tongue is woven into the upper on either side of the laces, creating a seamless "slip on" fit experience. I can imagine how easily the flexible yet supportive mesh could accommodate a variety of foot shapes and sizes. My feet felt comfortable during a -12 degree Celsius outdoor run and an indoor treadmill run, making it one of the better shoes I've ever worn for breathability and temperature regulation.

Category: Neutral Cushioning

Drop: 8 mm

Weight: 253 g (men's size 9)

Stack height: 45.5 mm

Fit: Gender neutral, true to size, moulds to a variety of foot shapes

Versatile Performance

Let's get to the meat and potatoes of this review! With its big ol' stack height, I expected this shoe might be a bit too "soft & squishy" for me, as I tend to prefer a more firm-feeling shoe. On the contrary, I was surprised by its firmness and during my first long run I even wondered if it would be too firm for my longer efforts! But after about 25 km of "break in" time, the foam relaxed, and it started to feel like an old friend with every subsequent run. 

The ASICS Superblast is what I imagine a lovechild between the Nike Alphafly and the New Balance 1080 would be like.

The blend of Blast Turbo and Blast Plus foam in the midsole creates a very bouncy running experience that can only be compared to something like a New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 or even a Nike Vaporfly Next%. This sensation is heightened by the extra layer of super bouncy foam in the midfoot that ads even more spring in your step, similar to the Air Zoom Pods found in the Nike Alphafly.

The ride is smooth and easy, offering more than enough impact absorption for recovery and long runs, plus enough "pop" for tempo efforts or longer runs where you'll be incorporating some quality work. I particularly loved the trampoline-like bounce in the midfoot while taking hills, as it made them feel significantly easier - and who doesn't want that! ASICS has always done a great job outfitting their shoes with a high-traction rubber outsole, and the Superblast is no different. One of my long runs was particularly icy, and I felt in control throughout the entire run.

TLDR: The Verdict

person running in ASICS superblast shoes at night

The new ASICS Superblast is worth the hype! Through long runs, tempo runs, easy runs, hill sprints, and a treadmill run, I was pleasantly surprised by how versatile and efficient the Superblast is. It's comfortable, lightweight, and responsive, while still providing the support you've come to expect from ASICS.

In just over a month, it has become a go-to running shoe in my closet (and trust me, I have a lot of shoes to choose from), making it well worth the $280 CAD price tag. Along with the Saucony Endorphin Pro 3, the ASICS Superblast is the most impressive running shoe I've tested in 2022.

Is the ASICS Superblast the Right Shoe for You?

I would recommend this shoe to a wide variety of runners. From beginners to seasoned athletes, to casual runners and dedicated training-plan warriors, the ASICS Superblast can support your pace, stride, and goals. The versatility of this shoe makes it extra appealing for those who are still building their shoe collections and need one shoe that can keep up with multiple types of runs - one shoe to rule them all, if you will - though even if this is the 10th pair of shoes to join your collection this year, I guarantee it'll become a fast favourite. The 8 mm drop and neutral, yet supportive, construction further positions the Superblast as a shoe that will suit just about any type of run and runner.

A Skeptic Transformed

OK, I'm being a little dramatic here! But I think it's important to acknowledge that our relationship with running shoe brands and models can change over time, whether it's due to shifts in shoe technology, your training needs, or your body mechanics. At one point, most ASICS shoes just didn't work for me. I always loved the brand and recommended ASICS to many other runners, but I admittedly started to write them off as an option for my specific foot shape and training needs. I'm humbled to report that the Superblast completely proved me wrong.

So this is your PSA to keep an open mind about your running shoes. Test out new technology, give new shoes a generous "break in" period, and don't go into a fitting with pre-conceived ideas about your "no try-on brands" - you might miss out on your next favourite shoe!

The ASICS Superblast originally launched in January 2023 at select run specialty retailers across Canada and the US. You can purchase the Superblast at BlackToe Running and check out the specs on our website here!