Roll Recovery R8 Plus Rx Items - BlackToe Running
Roll Recovery R8 Plus Rx Items - BlackToe Running
Roll Recovery R8 Plus Rx Items - BlackToe Running
Roll Recovery R8 Plus Rx Items - BlackToe Running
Roll Recovery R8 Plus Rx Items - BlackToe Running

Roll Recovery R8 Plus

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It’s true - we can help you find the perfect shoes for your unique running goals 100% online! Whether you are new to running, are looking to get faster, add distance to your training regime or you’re experiencing discomfort with your current shoes and want to try something new, we are here to help. We pride ourselves on using our knowledge of shoe tech, running science and personal experience to help our customers find the perfect running shoe for their needs. You’ll have all of that expertise, along with our huge inventory of top-quality running shoes, at your disposal as we walk you through your virtual running shoe consultation.



Introducing the R8 Plus. Roll Recovery has taken everything they’ve learned over the years and designed the next evolution of R8.

Product Highlights

  • Dial-in the perfect amount of deep tissue massage force with the adjustment dial.
  • With a Patented integrated mechanism hidden in the frame, they have designed the R8 Plus to be easy to use, reliable, and built with the highest quality of materials.
  • Use the adjustment dial to reduce or increase the force as needed for the perfect feel.
  • An FDA Registered Medical Device, the R8 Plus targets the IT-bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, gluteus, arms and more.
  • It takes the work out of rolling and is compact enough to take anywhere.

Product Details

  • Adjustable deep tissue massage force.
  • Improves circulation and reduces inflammation.
  • Breaks up muscle adhesions for myofascial release.
  • Built to last with the highest quality materials.


Things Runners Say About Us


Love this store. Try to support as much as I can (even now, when I moved out of the neighborhood). Staff is awesome - they know their stuff, love to run and love supporting others of all running levels. Definitely would recommend store for anyone's running needs.

Kate Spencer

I went in to get some winter running shoes and was provided with different brands to choose from. They always have great recommendations and listen to my needs. Always friendly and are following all COVID protocols to keep their customers safe. BlackToe Running is always my go-to for new running shoes, where the employees have first hand knowledge of the product that they have in stock.

Claudine Tyrell

A small but mighty space with truly knowledgable staff that will be happy to help you find the right running gear, no matter what stage of training you're in.

Thom Lee