Free Shipping across Canada on all orders $75 and above

Our orders are shipped via Canada Post and in the GTA we also offer the following options:

Free Curbside Pick-Up at our Toronto Downtown & Midtown Stores

Good Foot Delivery (one business day - often same day delivery) in Downtown Toronto

Express Delivery by Mile1 available for customers in the Greater Toronto Area

Disclaimer: Total order value before tax and after applying any discount is considered for free shipping and only standard shipping services are offered. BlackToe Running takes full responsibility of handling and shipping your order safely. However, BlackToe Running is not responsible for incorrect shipping details entered while placing the order, delivery errors by the shipping carrier or doorstep theft once your order has been delivered. Please note that we do not ship to addresses outside Canada.

Good Foot Delivery

We believe that everyone has a right to enjoy fitness, community, meaningful employment, and independence. Even though we are not a large company, we do our best to support these things within our running community.

One of the ways we do this is by employing Good Foot Delivery for orders that are within their standard delivery zone (this is any address that is TTC accessible in the downtown Toronto core). Good Foot is a social enterprise that provides meaningful employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, and your online orders allow us to support this wonderful organization. How awesome is that!

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Good Foot Run Crew

Did you know that we also have a Good Foot Run Crew? This crew is coached by BlackToe Athletes and the Run Crew Athletes are all employees of Good Foot Delivery.  If you see them at a race in the Toronto area please give them a high-five!

If you want to learn how you can support the crew, drop us a note!

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