At BlackToe Running, we are proud to be Canada's largest individual retailer of Maurten products. Experience the cutting-edge science and innovation behind Maurten's sports nutrition, trusted by elite athletes worldwide. Maurten's hydrogel technology delivers a unique advantage, optimizing carbohydrate absorption for sustained energy and improved performance.

As passionate runners ourselves, we understand the importance of fueling your body efficiently, and that's why we stand by Maurten's high-quality, stomach-friendly products. Whether you're training for your next marathon or looking to elevate your running game, Maurten and BlackToe Running have you covered. Explore our selection of Maurten products below, and take your performance to new heights.

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Maurten Gels, a revolutionary sports nutrition product, utilizes hydrogel technology to empower athletes with sustained energy and ensure efficient carbohydrate absorption, minimizing digestive distress. Embraced by top endurance athletes like Eliud Kipchoge, and many other marathoners and triathletes, Maurten gels have become a preferred choice during training and competition, enabling them to maximize performance and achieve peak results. With their cutting-edge formula and proven efficacy, Maurten Gels have redefined the boundaries of sports nutrition, setting a new standard for fueling excellence in the world of athletics. Whether you're a professional competitor or a dedicated enthusiast, Maurten Gels offer a game-changing solution to elevate your performance and push your limits further than ever before.

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Drink Mixes

Much like Maurten Gels, Maurten Drink Mixes utilize hydrogel technology for optimized athletic performance and endurance fueling. However, the drink mix comes in powdered form, allowing athletes to customize their carbohydrate intake to suit their unique training and competition needs. With two concentrations available – 160 and 320 – athletes can choose between 40g and 80g of easily digestible carbs per serving, respectively, ensuring they receive the precise fueling required for their specific endeavors. To prepare, simply mix the powder with 500 mL of water, creating a convenient and efficient solution to stay fueled and hydrated during intense workouts or demanding races. Maurten Drink Mixes offer a versatile and tailor-made approach to fueling, empowering athletes to reach new heights in performance and push the limits of what their bodies can achieve.

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Back to basics. Solid reinvents by removing everything but the essentials. Solid 225 is a sweet and natural tasting, fast and light carbohydrate-rich, low fiber fuel source — the perfect complement to your Hydrogel fueling. Each Solid contains 225 calories and 44g of carbs. With its compact and convenient form, Solid 225 fits seamlessly into your training regimen, providing a burst of energy that's both easily digestible and quick-acting. Whether you're pushing your limits on the track or embarking on an endurance adventure, Solid 225 is your go-to solution for sustained, efficient, and effective fueling.

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