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Follow this blog to stay up to date on our weekly drop-in runs! Each week we host runs that are for anyone who wants to join.  There are many pace groups and if you are not sure which group to run with, we can help.  Cubbies are available to store your gear.  

Friday Tempo Run - 6:30pm

Sunday Long Run - 8:30am


SUNDAY DROP-IN LONG RUN for November 11th at 8:30 am!

12 km, 16 km, 21 km Distance Options (w/ flexibility to revise on the fly!)

All same route... Simcoe Street to MGT West...different turnaround points:

12 km - Turnaround at second overpass on MGT West.

16 km - Turnaround at bottom of Legion Hill on MGT West

21 km - Turnaround at white bridge



Maya Anderson
Maya Anderson

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Ed Kooistra
Ed Kooistra

October 19, 2018

I am going to be working in Toronto for hopefully the next 3-5 years and am looking for a group to run with at least once a week. Working at Ash Bridges Bay and living in Etobicoke during the week Andrea back home to Belleville on the weekends. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, Ed

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