The Nike Alphafly NEXT% 2 : Arriving Summer 2022

“The Alphafly NEXT% 2 is built for athletes going after their personal best in the marathon. Since its inception, the Alphafly has been inspired by the most elite runners going after world records. The updates we’ve made in the second iteration continue to equip elite athletes competing on the world stage, but we (also) focused on improving the racing experience for all runners chasing their personal best."

Runner in the Nike Alphafly NEXT% 2 outside

The Nike Alphafly NEXT% 2 (aka: ‘the fastest running shoe in the world’) is set to release July 14, 2022 after undergoing its first revision since its debut in 2020. Nike engineers use relentless testing and cutting-edge technology in their pursuit of “designing for runners,” and the Alphafly NEXT% 2 promises to help athletes push the boundaries of performance when it comes to long-distance road racing.

When updating the Alphafly NEXT% 2, Nike’s goal was to refine the shoe to deliver improved stability, comfort, and transitions in order to take runners of all fitness levels and abilities through to their next personal best.

Nike took the most popular components of the original Alphafly NEXT% and kept them intact, including the full-length ZoomX foam midsole, full-length curved carbon plate, and double Zoom Air Pods in the forefoot. But the next-gen Alphafly NEXT% 2 includes some exciting modifications that up the ante on how the world’s best long-distance running shoe should perform:

  • A slightly wider heel to improve stability.
  • Increased Heel Drop to 8mm
  • Additional foam in the forefoot under the Air Zoom pods for even more energy return and smoother transitions from heel to forefoot as runners move through their stride.
  • A new Atomknit 2.0 upper for added containment of the forefoot, plus improved breathability above the toes.
  • Extra padding under the laces for maximum comfort.
  • Weight is increased slightly from 232g to 249g for Men's size 9

The result? Explosive speed, confident transitions, and comfort that can go the distance.

Nike Alphafly NEXT% 2 running shoe

Who Should Use the Alphafly NEXT% 2

This running shoe has been tested and used by elite runners around the world, but is truly designed for runners from all walks of life. The average runner is likely to experience the benefits of a shoe like the Alphafly NEXT% 2 just as much as an elite athlete - and in many cases, may experience an even greater boost in endurance and speed on race day.

While it was primarily designed for long-distance events like the marathon, the Alphafly NEXT% 2 is a fun and comfortable shoe that can be used for a variety of purposes. Take them out for a quick 5K effort, or just wear them during an interval workout to enjoy all of that tech working under your feet.

Coming in at just 8.8 oz / 249 grams (US Men's size 10), the Alphafly NEXT% 2 is unbelievably lightweight. The forefoot and heel are slightly roomier than the Vaporfly NEXT% 2, and combined with the sock-like fit of the new Atomknit 2.0 upper, it can accommodate a wide variety of foot shapes.

The moderate 8 mm drop, overall stack height, and focus on new technology that supports smoother stride transitions from heel to toe combine to make the Alphafly NEXT% 2 suitable for all types of runners.

Nike Alphafly NEXT% 2 running shoe

Find the Nike Alphafly NEXT% 2 this July at BlackToe Running

The Alphafly NEXT% 2 will be available in Men's sizes starting on July 14th, 2022, and BlackToe Running is proud to be one of North America's key independent retailers for this exciting launch. Keep your eyes on your inbox for additional updates on how to secure a pair of Alphafly NEXT% 2's on launch day!

Note: Due to production and transportation delays, at the time of this publication we have not yet received women's sizes of the Alphafly NEXT% 2. We will update this post as soon as women's sizes are available.