All You Need To Know About The On Running Cloudsurfer

Just in time for spring, On Running is adding the new Cloudsurfer running shoe to its lineup. As the name suggests, this shoe has an easy, breezy vibe to it, with a fit and feel that makes it a perfect daily trainer for all types of runners. It's also ridiculously good-looking, sporting a trendy all-white colourway for launch day, which further adds to its universal appeal.

The Cloudsurfer is riding a wave of cool new features that sets it apart from other shoes in the On lineup and other shoes on the market - let's take a deep dive into everything you need to know about this new shoe!

Need-To-Know Tech

On Running Cloudsurfer running shoe

The Cloudsurfer was created with several new design elements from the On Running engineering team, most notably the introduction of CloudTec Phase, which is a new domino-like configuration of the midsole. This tech creates an incredibly fluid transition from heel to toe while allowing for the removal of On's signature Speedboard to reduce the overall weight of the shoe. Re-engineered Helion superfoam creates a cradle for the foot that is truly like resting in a bed of clouds.

- Weight: 8.5 oz / 245 g

- Stack: 32 mm / 22 mm

- Heel Drop: 10 mm

- Category: Neutral construction

- Fit: true to size

Sustainability At Its Best

two runners on the beach in On Running Cloudsurfer shoes

On continues to put sustainability first by finding new ways to reduce both waste and wastewater during its production process. The Cloudsurfer is manufactured using a unique technique called Dope Dyeing which dyes the individual threads of the shoe to achieve higher colour penetration and save 90% of the wastewater normally generated during the dyeing process. That's a whopping 2 L of water saved per pair of Cloudsurfers!

The removal of the speedboard also reduces textile waste during the recycling process and at least 30% of the entire shoe is made from recycled materials, making this one of On's most eco-friendly shoes yet.

On Cloudsurfer Tester Review

Two runners on the beach in On Running Cloudsurfer running shoes

The moment you slip your foot into this running shoe you can't help but notice how darn comfortable it is. Everything feels plush from heel to toe and tongue to sole. I happen to be a fan of a cushy tongue on a pair of shoes, but this design really takes the cake by combining that plushness with breathability and a secure lacing system that locks everything in place. Paired with the unbelievably soft upper, it's tough to describe just how comfortable these shoes are!

Speaking of breathability, the entire shoe does an excellent job of temperature regulation. I took this shoe on a negative 15-degree outdoor run and a +25-degree indoor treadmill workout and was quite comfortable during both activities.

Let's get to what most people are interested in: the shoe's performance.

Immediately I noticed the midsole looked very different from other On shoes. The Clouds are a lot less round, and from a side angle, they certainly do resemble a "falling domino" effect as a byproduct of the new CloudTec Phase. Just a few steps into my run and the ride felt, well, pretty incredible. The new technology does its job: if you can imagine the satisfaction of setting up a row of dominoes and then watching them effortlessly topple over, that's what the ride of the Cloudsurfer feels like.

I could feel the Clouds collapsing and rebounding in a way that promoted a seamless transition and provided a good amount of rebound. I was pleasantly surprised by their performance at both an easy pace and a harder effort. Although I'll likely reach for these shoes for more casual runs, it's nice to know that if you end up finding your legs and need your shoes to keep up with your attitude, they're fully capable of doing so.

The Helion superfoam is softer than I expected, especially considering I've become accustomed to the sky-high stack of foam that is more typical of other shoes on the market that provide this level of cushioning. It had a nice bounce to it while providing enough "ground feel" that I felt confident in my stride and pace.

Turn the Cloudsurfer over and the outsole looks a lot more like a traditional shoe compared to previous versions of On running shoes. The significant benefit of this new design is that I didn't get any pesky rocks caught between the grooves of the Clouds, which has been an issue with some On shoes in the past. I was really happy to see this design snafu has been rectified.

On Running Cloudsurfer running shoe

My overall take: On really hit it out of the park with the new Cloudsurfer. The brand managed to pack an exceptional amount of comfort and cushioning into a shoe that looks and feels sleek. I think people who need max-comfort but want something stylish and "not clunky" will be seriously impressed with this shoe.

I'm really excited to keep using this shoe during my easy and casual runs and plan to buy a fresh pair to bring on vacation with me this summer. It is rare to find a shoe that can moonlight as a stylish sneaker, a comfortable walking shoe, and a legitimate trainer, but the Cloudsurfer fits the bill. Ride the wave!

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