Maximize Your Training With the New Balance FuelCell Lineup

Today on the BlackToe Running blog, we’re excited to introduce the newest collection of innovative running shoes from legendary athletics company, New Balance - the FuelCell lineup! This cohesive collection was developed using real-time feedback from some of the world’s top athletes, and includes three distinct running shoes - the FuelCell RC Elite, FuelCell TC and FuelCell Rebel - that are designed to help you perform your best during all aspects of your training.

New Balance uses two primary platforms in the construction of their running shoes - Fresh Foam and FuelCell technology. Fresh Foam is New Balance’s signature high-cushion foam, and offers exceptional softness, durability and a pleasant energy return. You’ll find a generous stack of Fresh Foam in classic New Balance running shoes like the 860, 880 and 1080. FuelCell was engineered to provide a lightweight, responsive and high-performance ride during speedier runs and races, and the FuelCell lineup all feature this innovative new foam.

So how can you use the New Balance FuelCell lineup to maximize your training? Let’s take a look at exactly how these shoes can help you perform your best, from your most relaxed recovery run right through to your next race-day PB!

Set a New Race-Day Record With the New Balance FuelCell RC Elite

The newest shoe to join the FuelCell lineup launched just this month, and has a long list of cool features that make it the ultimate race-day shoe! The FuelCell RC Elite is infused with a rigid, full-length carbon-fibre plate that delivers incredible propulsion, and a solid stack of FuelCell foam for softness and comfort. New Balance also added TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) to the foam to increase structure and responsiveness in the FuelCell RC. One of the major features that differentiates the FuelCell RC from the competition is the addition of Dynaride on the outer sole, which is a series of hard rubber nubs that provide exceptional grip and control in unpredictable weather conditions - anybody who has used a New Balance 1400 or 1500 as their winter training shoe knows exactly how well Dynaride holds up on slippery corners!

Best Used For: Your race-day BFF, and of course some race-pace training runs!

Train Your Best With the New Balance FuelCell TC

The New Balance FuelCell TC has a lot in common with the FuelCell RC, but a few notable differences make this shoe well suited for a wider range of training runs. The TC features a carbon-fibre plate, though it was designed to be more flexible than the plate in the RC for added comfort if it's being used as a daily trainer, and a thick stack of FuelCell foam for a springy, high-cushion ride. The outsole also has a generous layer of rubber, providing runners with stability and traction on slippery surfaces. Although you can use the FuelCell TC for regular speed and tempo runs, it would also make a comfortable and speedy choice for race day.

Best Used For: Speed workouts, tempo runs, hill training, and could even be used on race day!

Unleash Your Inner ‘FuelCell’ Rebel

With a soft FuelCell midsole, supportive “single jacquard warp-knit upper” (it has a cozy “bootie” fit!), and unique guiding fin on the outer edge of each shoe, the New Balance FuelCell Rebel stands out as a running shoe that’s soft enough for easy and longer efforts, but will still help you generate some serious speed. The Rebel is shockingly lightweight considering how plush the cushioning feels underfoot, and the lateral guiding fin enables runners to quickly transition through their stride to the big toe for take off, providing a helpful boost in speed and momentum. The FuelCell Rebel has become a favourite among the running community since its launch in 2019, and rounds out the FuelCell collection nicely as an everyday running shoe that suits a wide range of purposes!

Best Used For: Runner’s choice - easy runs, longer efforts featuring pickups, occasional speed work if you’re in need of some extra softness underfoot, or even a long walk!

Shop The FuelCell Lineup at BlackToe Running!

Interested in getting your hands on one (or all!) of these exciting new running shoes? Shop the entire New Balance FuelCell lineup at BlackToe Running! We carry the FuelCell Rebel, FuelCell TC and brand-new FuelCell RC Elite in-store and online, as well as plenty of popular New Balance running shoes, including favourites like the Fresh Foam 860, 880 and 1080, RevLite 1400 and 1500, and the racetrack all-star FuelCell 5280. Not sure how to pick the right shoes for your training regime? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our BlackToe Running team members - our staff loves to talk about all things shoe-tech, and are specially trained to help our customers find the perfect pair of running shoes for their needs!

Fuel Cell RC 198g (mens size 9.5) 10mm TPU/EVA blend FuelCell midsole Carbon-fibre plate, Dynaride outsole $299
Fuel Cell TC 283g (mens size 9.5) 8mm Thick-stack FuelCell midsole Flexible carbon-fibre plate $260
Fuel Cell Rebel 226g (mens size 9.5) 6mm High-cushion FuelCell midsole Guiding fin for speed and stability $170