Shoe Review - Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 3

Ready, set, mark your calendars: the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 3 is set to arrive in Canada just in time for spring race season. It will initially launch with select retailers across the country in early April, including at BlackToe Running!
This version of the Vaporfly Next% is designed to be the lightest, most stable, and fastest iteration of any Vaporfly model, helping runners ZoomX (pun intended) past their most aggressive race-day goals. From anything from 10K to the marathon, the Vaporfly Next% 3 is a dependable and versatile road-race workhorse that continues to lead the super-shoe pack.
Sizing update: after taking the Next% 3 for a test run, our team suggests purchasing this shoe in a 1/2 size bigger than your typical running shoes. If you've worn previous versions of the Nike Vaporfly Next%, you should be comfortable in the same size. The toe box is slightly wider and noticeably more comfortable overall.
Nike Vaporfly Next% 3 running shoe for sale at blacktoe running
So how do you take the fastest shoe in the world and make it even faster? Here are some key updates to the Nike Vaporfly Next% 3 that elevate it above previous versions:

ZoomX + Midsole Design

Nike’s most responsive and forgiving foam just got a little better. A new geometric midsole design and strategically-targeted cushioning amplifies comfort and energy-return where you need it most, while reducing weight in the process. A new convex cut-out from the centre of the shoe provides added stability.

Engineered Flyknit Upper

This is Flyknit like you've never experienced before! Soft, durable, and flexible Flyknit yarns are paired with a new zonal-specific design to enhance support and breathability while creating a fully customized fit. A new off-set heel seam helps reduce friction in the heel, while the off-set lacing system locks you in place while reducing pressure on the top of the foot.
nike zoomx vaporfly next% 3

Thin-Web Outsole Traction

The Vaporfly Next% 3 removes the solid rubber outsole from previous versions and replaces it with a new waffle-style "nubbed" outsole. The result? Better traction, improved durability, extra stability with each toe-off, and a more lightweight package. Go off, Nike!
Nike Vaporfly Next% 3

Bold Outsole Branding

If people don't ask about your racing shoes did you even race in them? OK, yes, you did... but being able to talk about your shoes is certainly part of the fun! Nike ups the style and status factor with iconic full-length outsole branding for the Vaporfly's boldest visibility yet.

Carbon Fibre FlyPlate

Nike's signature full-length carbon-fibre plate provides a stiff and propulsive feel that helps propel you forward with each step.

More To Come From BlackToe Running!

Be sure to check back for our full review once we've had our testers take the new Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 3 through its paces! In the meantime, you can check out the Women's Vaporfly Next% 3 and Men's Vaporfly Next% 3 on the BlackToe Running website.

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