NIKE Alphafly 3
Next Release April 4th 2024

Nike Alphafly Next% 3 - It’s Here!

Did you miss your chance to grab a pair of this record-breaking shoe? Don’t worry, we’ll be welcoming more inventory and a new colourway this spring. In the meantime, scroll down to learn more about the Alphafly 3 and be sure to sign up for updates to be the first in line for our upcoming April 4th launch date.

  • Next Release Date: April 4th 2024, 10am EST
  • Price: $375
  • Category: Race Day
  • Where To Buy: BlackToe Running
  • Fit: True to Size

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This is the fastest and most lightweight Alphafly ever, not to mention the most accommodating and comfortable. It took years of testing to get the Alphafly to a place where Nike could confidently call it “the pinnacle of marathon-racing shoes.” Let’s take a look at the important tech and design updates that define the Alphafly Next% 3:


  • The Alphafly 3 is about 15% lighter than the Alphafly 1 and 2, and much of that savings in weight comes from strategic carve-outs through the midsole and the incredibly high-tech AtomKnit upper.


  • This iteration is sporting the first fully connected bottom from the Alphafly series. This design change has greatly improved the shoe’s ability to accommodate runners with various foot strikes, running styles, and foot shapes, providing a seamless transition experience for everyone. The carved-out areas also allow the airbags to fully activate, providing more energy return from your first mile until you cross the finish line.

Carbon Plate

  • The carbon-fibre plate is mostly unchanged, however Nike made it wider through the midfoot and around the airbags to provide additional stability and support.


  • The full-length ZoomX foam midsole remains, but the carving and redistribution of that ZoomX foam helped reduce the overall weight of the shoe while providing maximum cushioning in the areas that runners need it most, particularly during a marathon.


  • A new traction pattern is visible on the outsole of the Alphafly 3 and was tested by many athletes in both wet and dry conditions. It’s been very well received by many runners for its ability to provide dependable grip.


  • The new AtomKnit upper is a type of Flyknit built to breathe, provide containment, and feel soft and comfortable against the foot. Athletes can look forward to feeling cinched through the midfoot where they need it most, while having plenty of space upfront for the toes to flex. The softer fabric has also helped reduce blisters and irritation on the toes.


  • One thing that can’t be overlooked is that the Alphafly 3 has tremendously improved arch support, with a wider, more gradually contoured arch. Nike wanted to ensure the right level of arch contour and support was present in this iteration of the shoe, solving previous concerns about arch irritation for some runners with the first and second Alphafly versions.

A Tape-Breaking Entrance For The Alphafly Next% 3

The Alphafly 3 entered the 2023 race season with a bang on the feet of elite runners worldwide. News of its public release came just two days after Kelvin Kiptum smashed the men’s marathon record in Chicago and Sifan Hassan broke the women’s Chicago course record, both athletes sporting the new Alphafly Next% 3 for the occasion.

Nike-sponsored athlete (and all-around GOAT) Eliud Kipchoge also sprinted to victory two weeks prior at the 2023 Berlin Marathon while debuting the Alphafly 3 prototype.

Needless to say, the Alphafly 3 has made quite a splash on the world stage and sold out within minutes across most continents on its January 4th launch day.

The Next% (R)evolution Continues

Nike kicked off the modern super shoe era with the release of the famed Nike Vaporfly 4% just in time for the 2018 fall race season — a “sold out everywhere” racing shoe that defied gravity with its propulsive carbon-fibre plate, energy-saving ZoomX foam, and promise to make you “4% faster” during your next race.

Building on the success of the Vaporfly 4%, Nike continued its super shoe evolution with the Vaporfly Next% (now in its third iteration) and the Alphafly Next% (now also in its third iteration), which is not only the fastest shoe in the Next% lineup but widely regarded as the fastest shoe in the world.

After carrying some of the world’s best athletes across the finish line in a record-breaking year of racing, we do not doubt that the new Alphafly Next% 3 will help runners of all abilities reach new personal bests this spring.

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Alphafly 3

The Next Generation of Fast

Nike's premier racing shoe is loaded with new technology and innovation that includes two ultra-responsive Zoom Air pods in the forefoot and additional ZoomX foam in the heel. It's a racing shoe made to shatter records and PBs, whether you're looking finish a marathon in two, three, four or five hours.

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