The New R8+

Now with Adjustable Tension

Quickly change the intensity your R8+ with a turn of the dial! If you are feeling tender, lighten it. If you need an extra deep roll, rank it up!

What our customers have been saying about the R8+

I run about 50k a week and never stretch or rolled. I’ll be honest, it started to catch up to me.

After a long run it was always hard for me to find the energy to get on the floor to roll out my muscles. Finding the R8 was a blessing. I was sold on the fact that I could roll out my legs from my bed or couch while watching TV. This convenient approach has had me rolling my legs out every single night since I purchased it.

I can say rolling has helped my body feel better, and my runs faster. I imagine this will help me prevent injury in the future as well, something I’ve dealt with the last couple years.

Love this device and am really happy with the results so far.

Nick S.

So happy with our R8 Plus. Because it's adjustable means I can start very easy and then gradually increase the force until it's seriously a deep tissue massage. I show all my running buddies and I've probably sold a dozen or so! ha. Love my R8.