BlackToe Run Club - Midtown Coaching - BlackToe Running -
BlackToe Run Club - Midtown Coaching - BlackToe Running -
BlackToe Run Club - Midtown Coaching - BlackToe Running -
BlackToe Run Club - Midtown Coaching - BlackToe Running -
BlackToe Run Club - Midtown Coaching - BlackToe Running -
BlackToe Run Club Coaching - BlackToe Running -

BlackToe Run Club - Midtown

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Our BlackToe Running monthly coaching and training memberships are specifically designed to assist runners in their training and overall performance. These memberships provide personalized coaching, valuable training materials, and ongoing support to help you succeed on your running journey.

A minimum commitment of three months is required before cancellation. We believe this duration allows you sufficient time to fully benefit from our programs and make significant progress towards your running goals.

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The BlackToe Run Club is a coached program suitable for both beginners and experienced runners. The program is group coaching designed to help you get faster and learn proper training techniques from our awesome coaches. We can handle all speeds so don't worry about being too fast or too slow for this group.  We have coaches for each pace group so you will be with runners who are of a similar speed and experience level.  Just come ready to run!

If you are a beginner - we recommend being able to run continuously for 10 minutes before starting the group programs.  If you are not quite there, send us an email and we will help you get started!

Did you know that members get 10% off all regular price shoes and apparel? 

Membership is minimum of 3 months commitment.



Our Coaches:

Eric Bang is the BlackToe Head Coach and he is responsible for overall program content for both Race Team and Run Club. He was the fastest Canadian at the Chicago Marathon twice and ran a PB of 2:18 in CIM in 2021. He has won too many races to list really. Most importantly, Eric has been a key part of the BlackToe Family for many years.

Andrea Smith is our Run Club Coach and she competed at the NCAA Division I level as both a cross country & track athlete. She was the Canadian Master's cross-country champion in 2018 and has competed in distances ranging from 1500m on the track up to 30k on the roads. Adding cycling to the mix a few years ago, she was the silver medalist at the 2019 World ITU Multisport World Championships. Since completing the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), Andrea has been coaching runners and triathletes for the past few years, helping them to achieve their goals.





BlackToe Run Club Basic Membership - $49/month


What does a typical team workout look like?   

  • Coaches then lead runners through a warm-up and form development exercises.
  • Runners are then divided into the appropriate pace groups for the core running segment of the workout which is often intervals (200m - 2km) with short rest breaks.  These change week to week as you progress.
  • Post-workout, the team will often do 10-15 minutes of strength work focused on your core and other key running muscles.
  • When it is all done, we encourage you to run a cool down with the team at a very easy pace!
  • Plan on 75 - 90 minutes for the whole workout including workout and cool-down. 

Membership includes copy of one of the team training plans (non-customized) 2 x per year. Start/End dates each season are based on the Toronto team goal races only (spring/fall). Runners can be moved to higher volume plans or change to different goal distances between seasons.

Plan options include:

  • Beginner
  • 5km/10km
  • Half Marathon
  • Marathon

Interim Races – For Basic Membership plans, special training for interim races will not be included in your plan. Additional customization of plans to incorporate interim races can be purchased via the enhanced coaching package or one-time consultation options.

Membership is minimum of 3 months commitment.

BlackToe Run Club Midtown workouts are facilitated by the Coach, with help from the Assistant Coach where required.

  • Questions to the Coach should be asked at the workouts or via Facebook post on the Run Club page only (not via private FB messenger or email).
  • Members will have access to all team events/ speakers
  • Members get 25% discount on BlackToe Branded Apparel and are encouraged to race in team gear.
  • Members receive 10% off all regular price shoes and apparel. 

Members get access to other team discounts, kit pick up for Chilly Half and 30k Around The Bay, as well as other promotions.

Advanced Coaching Packages*

Enhanced Coaching Package for Run Club Members (minimum one season commitment) – $110/month ($49 for Basic Membership plus $70 for enhanced customization) :

  • All benefits of Run Club Membership
  • 4 private emails to the Coach per month
  • Fully Customized Plan 2 x per year with one goal race per season (Spring/Fall) of your choice (does not have to line up with Toronto team goal races)
  • Detailed race plan for goal race