New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v3 Review

In the world of super shoes, the New Balance SuperComp Elite v3 is about as "super" as they come! This fun-loving racing shoe eases up on the aggressive rocker technology that has become popular among most racing shoes and replaces it with new Energy Arc tech for a smooth, stable, and energetic ride.

Make no mistake: the SC Elite v3 can still hang with the big players in the racing shoe game; but the flexible construction of the carbon plate and thick stack of ultra-cushy FuelCell foam sets it apart from the competition as a more gentle, yet still speedy, option that will appeal to a wide variety of runners.

New Balance supercomp elite v3 running shoe

NB SuperComp Elite v3 Expert Reviews

We had two members from our BlackToe Run Club and Race Team, Amanda Ho (AH) and Alex Cutulenco (AC), take this new shoe out for some dedicated miles in a variety of conditions and paces. Here's what they had to say!

Underfoot Feel

"I felt very balanced right from the start, like I don’t immediately need to flex the muscles in my foot to keep straight. If you feel a little off balance by other high-stacked racers like the Nike Vaporfly/Alphafly, then the SC Elite V3 might be a good compromise. The stack height is also not as aggressive as the New Balance SuperComp Trainer. The foam feels soft but also very responsive, just as a road racer should feel." - AC

"I really like the feel of the SuperComp Elite 3's - they're the right blend of soft yet firm without being stiff and are super bouncy. I have the SuperComp Trainer (which I love), and these have a similar feel but are significantly lighter which is great for a racing or speed-work shoe." - AH

Shape, Sizing, and Overall Fit

"There is a bit of arch support in the shoe, but not nearly as strong as the Alphafly. It fit true to size and felt perfect around the mid-foot with the sock-like upper and right-skewed lacing. The upper around the toe box is made of a thinner material for breathability, but it gave me pause about the durability, as I tend to rip through any upper with my big toe, especially if the shoe doesn’t have some synthetic protective upper around the toe box. But maybe I'll be proven wrong: time will tell! A few online reviews mentioned issues with the fit of the heel, but I didn't experience this at all." - AC

"I love that this shoe has a sock-like upper so it moulds well to my foot. I have a narrow foot and this feels supportive, but it's stretchy so I imagine it'd work well for a wide range of foot widths. The toe box is quite roomy, similar to the SuperComp Trainers, and the heel cup fits well and feels comfortable. There's nice arch support that's supportive without feeling too prominent or distracting." - AH

Performance Impressions

"These shoes were very fun to run in and felt fast and springy. There is a noticeable roll but it's not as extreme as the Nike Alphafly, so you get a bit less of that aggressive push-off from the toe. The 4 mm drop works well with the laid back roll-tech to still keep you up on the forefoot for speedy performance. It's a smart design choice from New Balance. I'd say the SC Elite v3 is significantly less "clunky" than the SuperComp Trainer, which really sets the two apart as the racing shoe and casual/long run shoe." - AH

"This shoe felt very light on my feet, and that was confirmed with the scale, coming in at 253 grams in a US Men's size 11.5, which is exactly the same as the Nike Alphafly and Saucony Endorphin Speed, but heavier than the 215 gram Nike Vaporfly. The weight, feel, and responsiveness of the foam shows excellent promise for race day, and I'm excited to test it out at my top speed." - AC

Editor's Note: this particular review comes from Alex, who was recently featured in Canadian Running Magazine for his one-day, 96-km run of the Toronto Subway System. He finished 2022 with a 1:13:18 half-marathon PB and was among the top Canadian finishers at the Berlin Marathon.

Who Is This Shoe Best Suited For?

"I can definitely see myself reaching for these for speed workouts and tempo runs often, and I think they would be a great race day shoe for those who prefer a less aggressive shoe or a wider, more stable shoe compared to other racing shoes. I haven't had a chance to race in them yet, so I'll likely try them out at my next half before deciding on using them for a marathon, since I often stick with tried, tested, and true shoes for race day. But I can easily see their potential as an excellent long-distance racing shoe!" - AH

"I will use these for any type of workouts, especially long tempos or hard long runs. I think the SC Elite V3s certainly deserve a shot at being a racing shoe as well, especially for anyone new to marathon racing who wants a some super-shoe benefits without the 'learning curve' of more aggressive racing shoes on the market. It shows a lot of promise for those seeking a more stable feel from their super shoes, and will give you a 'light on your feet' feeling, plus excellent energy return, when used on longer runs." - AC

Find the New Balance SC Elite v3 at BlackToe Running

The SuperComp Elite v3 will be available in both men's and women's sizes on February 1st, 2023, and you can visit us for an expert fitting here at BlackToe Running in Toronto, Canada! We carry all of the most popular racing shoes on the market, so you can compare the new SC Elite v3 against other racers, as well as test it against other shoes in the New Balance FuelCell lineup.

Looking to talk it over from the comfort of your own home? We also offer free one-on-one virtual shopping appointments with our Shoe Experts who will help build your running profile and discuss the benefits of the SC Elite v3 as your next training shoe, or provide information about any other running shoe you'd like to learn more about!